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Gas Oil / Fuel Oil / Turbine Oil Filtering Polishing

Oil Filtration/Polishing Service

RILTA Environmental can provide an oil filtration/polishing service for a variety of oils. These include, gas oils, diesels, fuel oils, turbine oils, cooling oils and heat transfer oils.

The service provided by RILTA includes the removal of the oil from the existing tank to a temporary storage area, cleaning of the storage tank, filtration of the oil and placing the oil back in the original storage tank. RILTA can coarse filter the oil or as necessary fine filter oil down to 5 microns.

RILTA has provided this service to:

  • Long term back up generator gas oil
  • Power station turbine oil
  • Gas oil contaminated with water, bacteria and solids
  • Gas oils with out of specification additives
  • Fuel oils contaminated with solids and ashphaltines

All wastes generated are disposed of through our EPA licensed facility.

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