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Garage Waste

Hazardous Waste Management Services

RILTA Environmental provides the following Hazardous Waste Management Services for Garages.

Key Services:

  1. Waste Oil Recycling
  2. Batteries Recycling
  3. Oil Filter Disposal
  4. Interceptor Cleaning
  5. Oily Rag Disposal
  6. Paint Waste Disposal

Our Services include:

  • Car battery disposal and recycling.
  • Collection and disposal of waste coolant.
  • Countrywide collection of Oil filters.
  • Oily rag disposal.
  • Interceptor cleaning
  • Treatment of waste water  from interceptors, drains, silt traps, bunded areas, tank cleaning and industrial washings (subject to sample).
  • Countrywide collection of Waste Oils  for reprocessing.

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