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Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Fuel

Supply Reprocessed Waste Oil

RILTA Environmental is licensed to supply reprocessed waste oil, REL210 to Tarmac / Asphalt plants.

Asphalt Plant Drying Drum

Waste oil is collected nationally and is subsequently processed to  EPA standards at RILTA’s site in Rathcoole, Co.Dublin. RILTA complies with Revenue Commissioners regulations in relation to excise duty and carbon tax. The reprocessed waste oil is then supplied to the Asphalt or Hot Mix sector in Quarries all over Ireland.


RILTA can build a pre-heater unit specifically designed to suit the requirements of each of the quarries we supply.

RILTA Environmental will carry out the maintenance on the pre-heater units as required.

The REL210 is delivered into a ‘black oil’ tank at the quarry. The REL210 is then heated in the pre-heater up to a minimum of 55°C prior to being pumped to the burner at 10 to 30 bar pressure depending on the burner type. Prior to the use of REL210 many plants operated on gas oil. Typically gas oil has a viscosity of 3.7 mm2/sec. The pre-heater is required due to the viscosity of REL210. As it is reprocessed waste oil it has a viscosity typically of 55 mm²/sec. REL210 will not burn without use of the specifically designed pre-heater.

Typical problems that may be encountered if the REL210 is not heated sufficiently are ‘Coking’ of the burner heads due to low temperature, poor atomisation and/or a dirty swirl plate. The pre-heater is generally provided with the cost of supply and installation included in the price per litre of REL210. Pre-heaters are supplied for a five year period and are owned at all times by RILTA Environmental.


RILTA Environmental are licensed to supply reprocessed waste oil, REL210, to tarmac / asphalt plants.

A quarry does not require any additional licence  to allow the burning of reprocessed wast oil.

Under the Licensed Waste Recovery Activities, in accordance with the Fourth Schedule of the Waste Management Acts 1996 to 2010 we are licensed to carry out various activities including Class 8 activities – Oil re-refining or other re-uses of oil.

The introduction and section 8.10.2 of RILTA’s EPA Licence W0192-03 states that the waste oil that we accept at RILTA must meet a standard prior to shipping for use as a fuel in the ‘hot mix’ plants in the asphalt / quarry sector. In essence if the re-processed waste oil meets the standard as set out in our licence, see Table C8, it is no longer a waste and will be supplied to the tarmac / asphalt plants.

It is illegal to burn waste oil without a licence. Please refer to the PDF or from the EPA website.

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