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PCB Contaminated Materials

Cost Effective Solutions

RILTA Environmental has extensive experience in the management of PCB contaminated materials such as oil filled transformers and capacitors to soil contaminated with PCB.

Working with our European partners, RILTA can provide cost effective solutions for the management of all wastes containing PCB.

The management of PCB is covered under National Waste Management (Hazardous Waste Regulations, 1998, SI No. 163 of 1998) and European Legislation (Directive 96/59/EC. SI No. 163 of 1998). These specify that all known PCB holdings with a concentration greater than 0.05% by weight must be decontaminated or disposed of before the end of 2010.

The services which RILTA Environmental provide include:

  • Sampling and testing of the transformer/capacitors or soil for PCB contamination
  • On site draining of PCB contaminated transformers
  • On site packing of capacitors into UN approved containers
  • Excavation and packaging of PCB contaminated soil
  • Transportation with Waste Transfer Form
  • Storage at RILTA’s EPA licensed facility
  • Completion of Transfrontier Shipment Documentation
  • Transfer of PCB contaminated materials to EU approved disposal facilities
  • Issue of certificate of destruction

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