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Oil Filled Electrical Equipment

RILTA Environmental operates the only EPA licensed Oil Filled Electrical Equipment (OFEE) management facility at the Greenogue Business Park in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin.

Re-recycling and Reuse

At our site, obsolete, end of life and damaged oil filled electrical equipment is de-polluted, decommissioned and the constituent elements are recovered for further re-recycling and reuse. The disposal of obsolete, end of life, damaged or out of specification oil filled electrical equipment often presents environmental, health and safety and logistical management challenges to an organisation. RILTA Environmental provides nationwide collection and disposal for your oil filled electrical equipment.

This includes

Oil filled equipment manufactured after 1989 will be free from PCBs. However if the unit’s year of manufacture cannot be identified or the unit was manufactured prior to 1989 it may contain PCB oil which requires  specialist treatment. In addition to the disposal of standard OFEE, RILTA can manage all PCB contaminated OFEE.

Testing of the oil for PCBs will be carried out at our in-house laboratory. Once the PCB status of the unit is confirmed it will be removed from site. All items of OFEE are transported from site using bunded transport ensuring any leaking units or oil spills do not pose a risk to the environment. If the units are in poor condition it may be advisable to remove the oil prior to transport. This can be  performed safely by RILTA’s waste oil management division.

RILTA Environmental can transport, de-pollute and recycle all types of oil filled equipment including transformers, capacitors, switchgear and voltage regulators.

The RILTA Environmental OFEE management service is backed up by 25 years of experience in the management of hazardous waste.

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