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Petroleum Tank Cleaning and Gas Freeing

Fast, Efficient and Safe Service

RILTA Environmental has over 35 years experience in providing specialist tank cleaning services to the petrochemical industry.

Utilising extensive industry knowledge, state of the art equipment and employing stringent codes of practice, we can offer a fast, efficient and safe service to all our clients.

Our site personnel and supervisors are thoroughly trained in all aspects of equipment, operation, site safety and environmental health and safety compliance.

We can provide specially trained personnel to meet your needs, with the necessary equipment to get the task completed efficiently and safely. Our specialist team provides tank cleaning and gas freeing services to all the major petrochemical companies in Ireland.

We have a wide range of equipment that is capable of cleaning anything from petroleum spirit tanks to heavy fuel oil tanks. We can also provide de-sludging services and bund wall cleaning.

Typical steps in the tank cleaning process include:

  • Mechanical works – isolation, tank access point
  • Tank cleaning – gas free standards
  • Packaging, transport and disposal of tank cleaning waste
  • Product transfer and temporary storage during tank cleaning operation
  • Return of product to tank from temporary storage

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