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Forecourt Services

ADR Certified Jet/Vac Road Tankers

RILTA Environmental offers a complete range of forecourt services. We operate a fleet of high specification ADR certified jet/vac road tankers and have highly trained personnel who carry out this work both safely and efficiently without interfering with the normal activities on your forecourt. We are contracted by the largest petrol retailers in the country and provide an extensive service including 24 hour emergency spill response.

 All our operatives are “SPA Safety Passport” trained for working on “Petrol Retail sites”and have vast experience in operation on open forecourts, cordoning off section by section while the forecourt and public can still use the area safely and without obstruction.

  1. All surface water gullies and ACO drains are cleaned and jetted with all waste removed by vacuum.
  2. Manholes at the fill points and tank chambers washed and cleaned out using high pressure water and suction.
  3. Car wash silt traps cleaned out and refilled with clean/ potable water.
  4. Car wash slabs are washed down and all waste removed.
  5. All chambers of the car wash interceptor are vacuumed out, the chambers washed using high pressure water and subsequently refilled with clean/ potable water.
  6. All chambers of the petrol/ forecourt interceptor vacuumed out the chambers washed using high pressure water and subsequently refilled with clean/ potable water.
  7. All waste consigned to our EPA licensed treatment facility for authorised disposal and a certificate of disposal furnished on completion of works.

The safety of both our operatives and the general public is paramount.

Our staff are trained to the highest levels of Safe Working on Petroleum sites and employ the most up-to-date ideas and safe working techniques to ensure that there are no incidents caused by our activities on site.

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