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Emergency Spill Response & Pollution Control

24/7 Emergency Spill Response

Despite taking the most stringent safety precautions we recognise that accidents happen. We operate an Emergency Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond to any of your emergency environmental incidents.

RILTA Environmental Ltd has been responding to emergency spills nationwide for a broad range of clients in factories, at Local Authority Works, Forecourts, Ports and Harbours, rivers, lakes and a wide range of industrial premises.

RILTA Environmental has achieved full International Spill Accreditation Association (ISAA) accreditation for:

  1. Fresh water
  2. Ground Water
  3. On-Land
  4. Tanker Roll-over

The accreditation confirms the expertise, experience, knowledge and capabilities of RILTA as an oil spill response specialist. 

Examples of emergency spills that RILTA has responded to are:

  • spill from damaged oil tank into watercourse of local authority park
  • oil spill into main arterial river
  • oil contamination of harbours
  • acid/chemical spills into factory interceptors, attenuation tanks and tank bunds
  • contaminated soil remediation


24/7 Emergency Response

We provide a 24 hour/ 7 day emergency spill response service to all sectors of industry in Ireland.

Our operatives are trained and experienced in spill containment methods and we stock a substantial inventory of specialist spill response equipment and materials.

We guarantee a quick turnaround thus reducing the spill’s impact on the environment.

Response, Analysis, Action…

On arrival at any incident our response team will carry out a risk assessment and make method statements detailing the actions to be taken, the priorities, timescales, personnel, and equipment requirements to deal with the incident.

Our procedures are geared towards ensuring that your environmental emergency is dealt with quickly, effectively and, above all, safely. Our highly trained operators are equipped with the latest spill and clean-up specialist equipment and personal protective clothing, allowing the safe collection of hazardous waste arising from any incident. Training includes full breathing apparatus, high pressure water jetting, working at height, ADR and CSTS for Chemical, Construction and Working within Quarries.

Pollution Control

We are experienced in the containment, clearance and disposal of pollutants in a wide range of situations including culverts, gullies, drains and soakaways.

There can be no margin for error when dealing with pollution. Whether we are dealing with a major spillage or a leaking drum we afford every situation the same high degree of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that tight safety standards are adhered to at all times and that all waste is disposed of at appropriate Licensed Disposal sites.

  • With RILTA Environmental Services, your incident is in safe hands
  • Highly trained operators
  • Meticulous attention to detail

Key “FORMULA “ for Spill & Cost Control:

Carry out a risk assessment of the site to include, type of contamination, weather conditions, site conditions, local topography, etc.

Assess the nature of the spill and deploy adequate containment measures.

(3) HALT
Identify the source and eliminate further contamination discharge.

Survey the worst affected areas and formulate an immediate remediation plan.

FORMULA 1 to 4 = Cost Effective Solution

Emergency Response Clean Up 


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