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Confined Space Entry Services

35 Years Experience in Confined Space Entry

RILTA Environmental provides Confined Space Entry services to all industries.

The HSA states that ”Confined spaces are significantly more hazardous than normal workplaces and the hazards involved are always exacerbated by the enclosed nature of the confined space. A seemingly insignificant error or oversight while working in a confined space can result in a tragic accident.”

RILTA has over 35 years experience in confined space entry and provides the foremost expertise in confined space entry and cleaning of:

  • Oil tanks
  • Petrol tanks
  • Heavy fuel oil tanks
  • Acid/alkaline tanks
  • Local Authority waste water treatment plant pits, interceptors and tanks
  • Chemical tanks
  • Attenuation tanks
  • Large underground outfalls

We carry out a full risk assessment free of charge and will supply Method and Safe System of Work Statements prior to each project. All confined space  entries are supervised by a dedicated Confined Space Entry Supervisor.

All our personnel are fully qualified to FETAC standard in Confined Space Entry and we provide a full range of P.P.E to include, Full Independent Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Emergency Escape Sets, Gas Detection Equipment, Rescue Equipment, Fall Arrest, Tripod and Winch Retrieval Systems, Atex Lighting etc.

All our equipment is approved for use in Atex Zones. This includes anti static PPE, Harnesses, Hoses etc.

All confined space entry operations are undertaken in compliance with the strictest Health and Safety standards. Our procedures  are in accordance with the “Code of Practice for working in Confined Spaces 2001” and the “HSA Code of Practice for working in Confined Spaces 2010”.

This code of practice is intended to provide practical guidance on working safely in confined spaces and is operational from May 17th 2010”.

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