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Chemical, Acids, Tank Cleaning & Neutralisation

RILTA Environmental provides a safe chemical tank cleaning and neutralisation service to the chemical industry.

Utilising our extensive expertise and state of the art equipment we offer a fast, efficient and safe tank cleaning service to all our clients. This covers tanks containing  all types of acids, alkalis and solvents. We use specialist tank cleaning equipment and all work is carried out to the highest standards of Health and Safety.

We will complete a full Risk Assessment free of charge and will supply Method Statements and Safe System of Work Statement prior to each individual task.  RILTA has the necessary equipment to facilitate non-man entry and  will attempt to complete the job by this means, where possible.

All confined space entries are supervised by a dedicated Confined Space Entry Supervisor and are undertaken in accordance with the strictest Health and Safety standards. All our procedures and operations comply with the “Code of Practice for working in Confined Spaces 2001” and the “HSA Code of Practice for working in Confined Spaces 2010”.

All wastes generated are disposed of through our EPA licensed facility.

Typical steps in the tank cleaning process may include:

  • Mechanical works – isolation, tank access point
  • Tank cleaning – gas free standards
  • Packaging, transport and disposal of tank cleaning waste
  • Product transfer and temporary storage during tank cleaning operation
  • Return of product to tank from temporary storage

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