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Waste Tracking

Traceable Waste Disposal

Customers disposing of waste require full traceability from collection and storage to shipment and disposal/recovery. RILTA Environmental takes its responsibilities seriously in this regard and uses Trackwaste, a bespoke system which tracks every item collected from our customers throughout the complete storage, shipment and treatment cycle.

When packed waste is delivered to the RILTA facility each package is assigned a unique barcode and label. Every barcode is then scanned on to the computer control system logging the storage location, customer name, EWC code, package type and size and a description of the waste. When preparing loads for export each package being loaded is scanned to prepare a load manifest.

The final destination of the waste is also included in the manifest. The Trackwaste system is integrated with our accounts system ensuring accurate invoicing. Further benefits for customers include the ability to easily retrieve details necessary for completing Annual Environmental Reports. The system also facilitates easy auditing of waste movements through RILTA by customers and regulatory organisations thereby offering total transparency to all stakeholders.

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