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Laboratory Chemical Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Broker

RILTA Environmental is a registered Hazardous Waste Broker. We provide a specialist national waste management service for schools, colleges, public and private sector organisations that have unused or obsolete laboratory chemicals on their premises.

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Premium Service

  • Our expert team of DGSAs (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors) will attend the premises, and will list, classify, segregate, pack, label and remove the full range of chemicals for treatment at licensed facilities throughout Europe.
  • Transport is provided by specialist carriers with National Waste Collection Permits by suitably trained and ADR certified drivers.
  • A Waste Transfer Form is provided to cover the transport of waste to our EPA Licensed Transfer Station.  TFS (Trans-Frontier Shipment) permits cover the shipment of waste to licensed facilities in Europe. An integrated waste tracking system monitors the waste from collection to disposal.

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  • A quotation can be based on the customers own detailed list of chemicals or alternatively, a  RILTA team member can attend the site to assess the task and provide a detailed ‘fixed price’ quotation.

RILTA Environmental is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001 certified and licensed under EPA Licence No. W0192-3. RILTA Environmental provides an informed and immediate response to all environmental queries. RILTA’s success has been built on Premium Customer Service.

RILTA Environmental will provide a professional service that guarantees a comprehensive and cost effective solution for the management of laboratory waste.

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