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Environmental Newsletter 2 2014




Welcome to the second edition of our Quarterly Environmental Newsletter. This Newsletter contains all of the latest environmental legislation and other publications, as well as a general interest section for all you environmental enthusiasts.  Enjoy!

Waste Packaging Guidance

Waste Packaging Guidance in the UK

The 3rd edition of the Environment Agency’s technical guidance Note WM2 came into effect on 1st January 2014. It brought with it some key changes in the handling of any packaging – such as steel/plastic drums, IBCs etc. that have contained a hazardous product. It includes the following key amendments:

  • Any empty package (steel/plastic drum, IBC, etc) that has previously contained a hazardous product but has not been cleaned or decontaminated must now be considered a hazardous waste.
  • Empty uncleaned packaging must now be consigned, carried and treated in accordance with the Waste Management Acts 2006 – 2014.
  • All empty uncleaned packaging must now be removed using a Waste Transfer Form (WTF).


The Waste Management Act 2006 – 2014 introduced the Hierarchy of Waste, which requires that where packaging can be reconditioned or reused, it should be. If used empty packaging has not been cleaned (ie; contains any hazardous residues) it cannot be scrapped, crushed or baled for recovery. Such packaging is now controlled under both the Hazardous Waste and ADR Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations.

Ex Rated CCTV Service

Ex Rated CCTV Van

RILTA Environmental Ltd can provide a full range of CCTV surveying services for all industries especially those in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors. This service helps ensure compliance with IED licensing requirements and is certified for use in ATEX zones.

This service is designed to operate in a Zone Zero Explosive atmosphere allowing the works to be carried out in an intrinsically safe and controlled environment. RILTA Environmental operates the only EX Rated CCTV system in Ireland.

cctv-robotRILTA has an extensive range of jetting equipment to remove any blockages encountered prior to carrying out a CCTV survey.

Our remote controlled 360 degree pan and tilt equipment will identify any defects present in the pipe network and produce a colour recording of the drain or pipe.

The CCTV equipment can map a drainage system. It has a linear range of 300 metres and is capable of surveying pipes up to 2.4M in diameter.

The system incorporates the latest Wincan 8 “On Site” reporting software which will provide a full topographical survey and remedial report. RILTA can also rectify any problems identified during the survey.

If you would like to avail of our CCTV services or seek more information, please contact us directly on 01 401 8000.

RPII Merger with EPA


Until 2014, the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) was the national organisation responsible for ensuring that Ireland is protected from the harmful effects of ionising radiation.

In January 2013 a Merger Working Group (MWG) was established in order to manage the process of merging the roles and responsibilities of the RPII with the EPA, in accordance with Government Policy.

The Radiological Protection (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014 is an act which has provided the necessary legislation to the MWG for the dissolution of the RPII and the transfer of all of its functions, assets, liabilities and staff to the EPA. It has also redefined the meaning of “Ionising Radiation” since the Radiological Protection Act of 1991. Ionising radiation is now defined in the 2014 Act as;

“The transfer of energy in the form of particles or electromagnetic waves of a wavelength of 100 nanometres or less, or a frequency of 3 x 1015 Hertz or more, capable of producing ions directly or indirectly”

Confirmation was received in March 2014 that the merger had gone through and the body undertaking the role of protecting Ireland from the harmful effects of radiation is now known as the EPA Office of Radiological Protection (EPA-ORP).

In accordance with the Radiological Protection (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014, our current licence No. 3238-2601-14 is now transferred to the EPA-ORP. This licence enables us to legally carry out the following in relation to ionising radiation wastes;

  1. Custody of the Waste
    • RILTA Environmental takes custody of the radioactive waste once it is collected it from the customer’s premises.
  2. Waste Management
    • RILTA Environmental is licensed to manage radioactive waste in accordance with specific regulations and safety procedures
  3. Transportation of the Waste
    • RILTA is licensed for and has trained personnel available to transport radioactive waste to its EPA licensed facility in Rathcoole where it can be prepared for disposal/recovery, following exportation.
  4. Exportation of the Waste
    • After taking custody of the waste RILTA arranges for packing, labelling and export to licensed disposal/recovery facilities in the UK, Europe and the US.


The EPA-ORP now has the authority to regulate irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials used in Ireland and will be carrying out routine inspections to ensure that all licensees are in compliance with safety procedures and licensing conditions, including Administrative Details and Auditing of Equipment/Facilities. Failure to comply with the regulations under the licence can result in a range of consequences, depending on the severity of the non-compliance.

RILTA has a Radiation Safety Procedure in place which has been developed by one of our most experienced members of staff. It ensures that we comply with all aspects of our licence, as well as carrying out the waste management in a manner that is safe for both the environment and the people that will be handling the waste.

The Radiation Safety Procedure is reviewed annually as part of an internal auditing process to continually ensure that we are working at the safest possible level while dealing with such a potentially dangerous waste.

A copy of our licence can be found on our website (https://www.rilta.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/RILTA_RPII_Licence_2014-2015.pdf) and also in the lobby of the head RILTA Environmental office. Should you have any further questions regarding the merger and how it might affect you, the EPA has a dedicated section on their website, or do not hesitate to contact us at info@rilta.ie.

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