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Environmental Newsletter 2015



Legislation Update


Some significant new legislation with implications for waste has been introduced this year. Two Statutory Instruments (SIs) are of particular interest to hazardous waste producers. S.I. 209 of 2015 relates to the control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances. S.I. 233 of 2015 is concerned with the properties of waste which render it hazardous and amends the Second Schedule of the Waste Management Act 1996. In addition, the programme of updating waste regulation has seen smaller changes in existing waste management laws. Namely, the Properties Which Render Waste Hazardous Regulations; Facility and Registration Regulations; Collection and Facility Permits Regulations and an Order to comply with the Waste Statistics Legislation.


Confined Space Entry Works


Confined spaces are significantly more hazardous than normal workplaces and accidents can prove fatal. Rilta Environmental Ltd. are Ireland’s leading confined space entry tank cleaning specialists.

Click the below link to watch a short video about our confined space entry service.


Interceptor Service Works


Preventative maintenance is essential for the smooth running of your forecourt and interceptors.

Click the below link to watch a short video about our forecourt and interceptor services.


CCTV Drain Inspection Survey Works


Rilta Environmental Ltd. operate an EX rated camera for survey works in hazardous atmospheres.

Click the below link to watch a video of our EX rated CCTV unit in operation.


New Developments in Regional Enforcement


Three new Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authorities (WERLAs) have been recently appointed. The authorities will have responsibility for coordinating waste enforcement actions within regions, setting priorities and common objectives for waste enforcement, ensuring consistent enforcement of waste legislation across the three existing waste management planning regions while still leaving local authority personnel as first responders on the ground to specific breaches of waste legislation.

The new authorities are as follows:

  • Southern Region – Cork County Council
  • Connaught  Ulster Region – Leitrim & Donegal County Councils (Joint)
  • Eastern & Midlands Region – Dublin City Council

Decontamination and Recovery of Used Hazardous Packaging / Drums and IBCs


Rilta Environmental provide a specialist EPA licensed solution for the recovery and reuse of contaminated steel drums and IBCs. We process 80,000 x 200 litre steel drum units annually, preventing their export of as hazardous waste, and displacing the import of virgin steel drums.

Click the below link to watch a short video of our steel drum reconditioning service.

Click the below link to watch a short video of our IBC reconditioning service.

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